A radical re-imagining of what a city centre hotel can be.

Have you ever stayed at a hotel built using light and shadow? A hotel where intuitive ergonomic architecture surprises at every turn; where the rooms are fine-tuned to the specific needs of today’s sophisticated travelers and furnished with an intriguing sense of fun and adventure; a place where superlative facilities come hand-in-hand with truly exceptional and impeccable service with an elegant Thai touch.

Welcome to LiT BANGKOK; a truly stunning state-of-the-art hotel that will surprise, delight, enthrall and inspire you at every turn. With a striking ‘bridal veil’ wrapping itself around the hotel, LiT BANGKOK is a hidden beauty located right in the heart of the drama and contrasts that is Bangkok, the magical and wondrous City of Angels.

Be assured that LiT BANGKOK is a very rare breed of hotel; one which combines the highest international standards with a uniquely local character. All our guests, whether here for business or leisure, will be amazed not only by our innovative hotel, but also by its unrivalled super convenient city centre location; we are only minutes away from the Bangkok Art & Cultural Centre, BTS National Stadium Station and the prime shopping, entertainment and cultural area of Bangkok. This location will thrill and surprise you with its authentic Thai charm, beguile and intrigue you with its true Thai colour, and somehow it will make you feel part of the local community and not a stranger in an unfamiliar city.